Parents of
Florence Kate TANDY:

Alfred TANDY
Mary Ann DAVIS

Siblings of
Florence Kate TANDY:

Eleanor TANDY
Mary Ann TANDY
Charles TANDY
Alfred Walter TANDY
Albert TANDY[4]
Edith Louisa TANDY







Florence Kate TANDY
(1890 - 1975)

Florence Kate Tandy Deakin photographed in Wigan in 1921Florence Kate TANDY was the youngest daughter of Alfred TANDY and Mary Ann DAVIS. Florence was born in 1890 in Alderton in the parish of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire[1].

Florence married John Bertram 'Bert' DEAKIN (1888 - 1977) in the parish of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire in 1914[2].

The photograph of Florence (left) was taken in 1921 in Wigan for the Wigan Observer.

Florence died on 28th May 1975 in Melbourne, Australia and Bert died in 1977[3].








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[4]: Albert Tandy was employed by Mr H. Foster as an oil merchant during the First World War. Initally Albert was exempted from military service but this was withdrawn in April 1917.